Businesses you can start with 10k in Kenya

Businesses you can start with 10k in Kenya
  1. Starting a small grocery store or kiosk where you can sell staple foods and household items.
  2. Providing a service such as laundry, cleaning, or tailoring for those in your community.
  3. Starting a small-scale farming business to grow and sell fresh produce.
  4. Offer tutoring or educational support to students in your area.
  5. Starting a small hair salon or barber shop.
  6. Providing catering services for small events and gatherings.
  7. Starting a small home-based bakery to sell cakes, cookies, and pastries.
  8. Starting a small printing business where you can offer printing services to businesses and individuals.
  9. Providing transportation services using a motorcycle or small vehicle.
  10. Starting a small electronics repair business to help repair phones, computers, and other devices in your community.