How to get Mpesa Paybill Number for your Business

How to get Mpesa Paybill Number for your Business

The PayBill service is a cash collection service that allows your business to collect money on a regular basis from your customers through M-PESA. There are clients that may want to pay on a particular day of the week or at a particular time. Such regular payments can be made possible with the use of Pay Bill numbers.

PayBill numbers allow you to provide better service to your consumers by allowing them to pay for services quickly and easily. Safaricom payment systems allow for both simple single transactions and bulk payments as needed.

Convenience, security, time savings, real-time payments, easy funds transfer, low transaction costs for both clients and yourself, and easy Fund Disbursement are some of the advantages of using the Mpesa paybill for your business. You can therefore utilize the monies gathered to pay for supplies, wages, salaries, or other services on time.

Mpesa Paybill Application Requirements

Individuals must meet the following qualifications in order to apply for an Mpesa PayBill number:

National ID, Military ID, or Alien ID are all examples of national identification cards accepted.

M-Pesa PayBill application form completed and signed.

PIN certificate from the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA).

Your bank account information or a canceled check

If you have an internet business, you must include a URL or approved paperwork.

A copy of the allotment letter or lease paperwork is required for those in the rental business.

Step by step guide on how to get Mpesa PayBill number for your business

Visit the Safaricom Lipa Na M-Pesa portal.

Download the application form for Mpesa PayBill.

The Mpesa PayBill Terms and Conditions can then be downloaded.

Complete the relevant fields on the forms.

Accept the specified terms and conditions.

Fill out the pay bill form and sign it.

Attach a copy of all of the above mentioned requirements to the Mpesa PayBill form.

Take the documents to a nearby Safaricom store.

After submitting, wait for approval.

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From the Mpesa PayBill application portal, one can apply for a PayBill number to aid in a myriad of services. They include

·        Real estate

·        Partnerships

·        Churches

·        Short term PayBill numbers like medical appeals

·        NGO’s

·        Educational institutions etc.

Check out their application portal for all the information you'll need to apply for whichever service you seek.

The service has been embraced by the society tremendously, and for those merchants operating in tight cashflow zones this is a life saver. But the truth is that it is not very convenient to pay your bills through the M-PESA platform, because withdrawals are being made from the individual’s bank account in most cases. That’s why many merchants prefer having Mpesa till numbers instead.

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